Saturday, April 18, 2009


And while Bibby’s critics will point out his age (he turns 31 on May 13) and defensive shortcomings as reasons the Hawks should explore other options, Woodson and Bibby’s teammates gladly will point out that all they’ve done since his arrival is defy the odds.

“The bottom line is this, we don’t make the playoffs last year without Mike Bibby,” Woodson said. “We don’t win 47 games this year without Mike Bibby. So I don’t care how you slice it, the kid is a winner. He’s helped us win, and he’s not a rental in my book.

“He’s been huge for me as a head coach, and in my opinion he should retire in a Hawks uniform.”
Reminds me of this.

And this Joe Johnson quote from today's story:
"I think Mike is definitely a major piece to this puzzle. I mean, look at the results. Ever since he got here it’s been nothing but good things. I love him as a teammate and as a friend. I’ve enjoyed every minute we’ve had a chance to play together. And in my eyes, you don’t have any choice but to make sure he’s back here. I know I’ll be in his corner the whole way."
brings to mind this Joe Johnson quote from last May:
"He's done a great job this season. I'd love for him and the coaching staff to come back. Hopefully we can really, really make that happen. They have done so many good things for us this season. I've learned so much from him and he's the main reason that attracted me to come here. Hopefully, we'll keep him and all of the other guys around.”
I seriously doubt that Sekou wrote this story this way without knowing which way the wind is blowing. Doesn't make it a done deal but prepare yourselves for Mike Bibby, the Atlanta Hawks' 31-year-old starting point guard.


M said...

i see your skepticism, but do you really think the Hawks would have made the playoffs this year without Bibby running the point?... and with Acie or AJ running the point?

Bret LaGree said...

I'm not skeptical about Bibby being the best of the very limited options the franchise had given itself at the point for the 2008-09 season.

I'm skeptical about the cost, both in money and years, of bringing him back.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather them spend that money on Bibby than on nothing, which would be a definite possibility if he left...