Saturday, April 25, 2009

Game Thread #3: Atlanta (1-1) @ Miami (1-1) (Updated 5:34pm)

TIP-OFF: 6:30pm

: TNT, SportSouth HD

: Hawks Radio Network, Audio League Pass


ATLANTA INJURY REPORT: Marvin Williams is out. Acie Law IV will dress.

: Luther Head is out due to a broken hand. Jamario Moon sat out Friday's practice in deference to his groin but is expected to play tonight.

: Miami -4, 186 o/u

OTHER PERSPECTIVES: Peninsula Is Mightier

THERE'S THE RUB: Mike Woodson: "
We’ve had a lot of opportunities to win on the road. There were a number of games where we were right there. I think we had three or four games where we lost on buzzer beaters or last second shots. But our road play hasn’t been that bad. We just haven’t rewarded ourselves with wins."

HERE'S THE WORRY: Al Horford: "
For us, it has to do with runs on the road. When teams get momentum going, we tend to get a little down.

Maurice Evans: "Throughout the season, I just don’t think we handle runs and adversity very well. And that’s what you get on the road. Teams make runs. Fans get into it. And it’s not as easy to recover from if you don’t stay mentally tough and you’re not playing together. And that’s going to be our real test in Miami."

HOW SLOWLY DOES MIAMI WANT TO PLAY?: They've contrived to cast the team who averaged 89.6 possessions per game (24th in the league) as the up-tempo squad they have to slow down.

FACT CHECK: There were two or three fewer possessions per team in Game 2 compared to Game 1. We're talking about a difference of less than three percent. The Hawks' offense was just as efficient for the entirety of Game 2 as it was for the first three quarters of Game 1. The only difference that mattered between Games 1 and 2 was Miami's field goal shooting. The discussion of pace when both teams want to play slowly smacks of aggrandizing coaching rather than giving players credit for making plays.

IRA WINDERMAN DOESN'T READ HAWKS BLOGS: For as much as Atlanta is praised for its defensive switches with its lengthy defenders, switching on a pick-and-roll and then switching again and again and again takes its toll.

Consider this an open thread for all pre-game, in-game, and post-game (but pre-recap) thoughts.


jrauch said...

Looks like this game, and series, are quickly getting out of hand.

Maybe we'll finally show Woody the door now?

Bronnt said...

Doubt they'll fire Woodson before game 4. But maybe they should consider it.

In all seriousness, the three point shooting for Miami is disconcerting. What kind of defense are the Hawks playing if the Heat continue to shoot over 50% on threes? I doubt Wade hits 50% of his threes while working out in an empty gym.

giggins said...

Can a team PROGRESS in the regular season, but then REGRESS in the playoffs, from one year to the next?

After back-to-back no shows, we may be seeing that here. The Heat are not the Celtics.

M said...

Our half court offense is horrible.