Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wherein Dwyane Wade Conflates Limitations With Strategy

While also providing another quote ("I'm criticized if I take all the shots. I'm criticized if I don't.") that sounds a we bit pissy:
"He's [Chalmers] the point guard so he's going to have to get his self going. He has the ball, he runs the team. This is going to be a big series for him to grow up. Right now it's no secret their game plan is not to guard [Chalmers]. He's going to have to take that heart and find a way to counter that."
It may be the game plan but it's likely not (as the two side, 1/2 side screen/roll plays that resulted in Wade dunks in Game 1 might attest or Chalmers lone made three-pointer that came off a screen/roll with Beasley that Mike Bibby and/or Josh Smith defended horribly) a choice.

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