Sunday, April 19, 2009

Game Thread #1: Miami (0-0) @ Atlanta (0-0)

TIP-OFF: 8pm

: TNT, Fox Sports South

: Hawks Radio Network, Audio League Pass


: Acie Law IV is game-time decision. It's not been reported* anywhere so I can't link to anything but it appears that Marvin Williams will start tonight.

Perhaps it's just assumed to be common knowledge (fifth paragraph) and not been published but here's an (admittedly rare) example of what granting me media access might add to the proceedings. Two questions: 1) Is Marvin going to start tonight? 2) Are his minutes going to be limited for reasons of health or fitness?

: Udonis Haslem will start tonight's game. Luther Head is out due to a broken hand.

: Atlanta -5, 186 o/u

OTHER PERSPECTIVES: Peninsula Is Mightier

  • Josh Smith: "I mean, I feel as though we’ve got something special going on right now. But if we don’t get past the first round, I’ll be disappointed and it will feel like a wasted season."
  • At the Hive's Stats 105 reminds us that, on average, free throw attempts occur more frequently in the playoffs than during the regular season. Combine that with the pace slowing and field goal percentage dropping and you've got some evidentiary examples of how (and how much) playoff basketball is different.
  • Mike Woodson: "I hope like [heck] it carries over to this year's playoff run. They taught us how to play playoff basketball. When we went up there to Boston, we had no clue, and that's why the games were so lopsided. We came home and won Game 3 at home. We grew up awfully fast."
The Hawks then regressed to immaturity between games four and five, grew up again prior to game six, then assumed the fetal position before the decisive seventh game. They did play really well in Game 3, though. C'mon, I'm not going to let the final* invocation of last year's wonderful, terrific, fantastic playoff loss pass without comment. I'm not that strong.

*This is the last possible time this can come up, right?

Consider this an open thread for all pre-game, in-game, and post-game (but pre-recap) thoughts.

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rbubp said...

I guarantee that if the Hawks lose to Miami in the first round we will have another full year of the Boston series.