Wednesday, April 15, 2009 Aschburner: NBA Awards...With a Spin

Mario West is his 11th Man of the Year:
There is a certain status that goes along with being a team's 12th man. After all, M.L. Carr won rings and got famous doing that in Boston, and Jack Haley dominated the balloting for years during his run as Dennis Rodman's chaperone. Besides, those guys rarely break a sweat. The 11th man, however, actually plays -- just not very much. No one in the league this season has appeared in as many games (51) for as few minutes (199) as West, an undrafted free agent from George Tech in 2007 who saw more action last season.
(HT: the indefatigable Ben Q. Rock)


Jason Walker said...

Last night (and this one I would imagine) is blowing that ratio to smithereenies

Bronnt said...

I thought Mario went to Georgia Tech. Where the hell is George Tech?

And tonight ended the nearly unmentionable trend of the Hawks winning every single of Mario's career starts.