Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hawks 81 Heat 79



Team Poss Off Eff eFG% FT Rate OR% TO%
MIA 85.8 0.92
45.5 17.9
29.3 19.8
ATL 85.8
0.94 45.1

In matters relevant, I've got just two thoughts...
  1. I assume Erik Spoelstra noticed the difference between Daequan Cook guarding Flip Murray and Chris Quinn guarding Flip Murray.
  2. Despite making a conscious effort to lower my expectations to a reasonable level, I was still a little disappointed that Speedy Claxton looked like a guy who hadn't played in a hundred and one weeks due to knee problems.
I expect tonight's game to kill off any questions regarding "Why doesn't ______ play more?" A tip of the cap to Othello Hunter for looking active and a pang of sympathy for Randolph Morris. It's not a good sign when you can only get on the court for just 8:41 in a game like that. Especially considering he almost outproduced Solomon Jones (30:26) during his brief appearances.

Josh Smith:
"I was glad to see the guys who didn't get much playing time during the season. They were able to showcase their talents."

Speedy Claxton:
"It was fun. It felt a little weird to be out on the court, a little bit rusty."
I'll be watching the comments and will jump in should anyone have something they want to discuss at greater length. Please, though, no arguments over whether last night's game looked more like a pre-season game or a summer league game.


jrauch said...

Highlight of the night, by far, was Speedy's airball on his first free throw.

Anonymous said...

If Speedy's going to be useful in the playoffs, he should have played more last night (and needs to play more tonight) to get the rust off before this weekend.

Marvin should have started.

Flip played way too much.

Bret LaGree said...

I'm not sure Speedy had much more in him last night. After his first burst to the rim he looked gassed.