Monday, April 27, 2009

Game Thread #4: Atlanta (1-2) @ Miami (2-1)

TIP-OFF: 8pm

: TNT, Fox Sports South HD

: Hawks Radio Network, Audio League Pass


ATLANTA INJURY REPORT: Marvin Williams is a game-time decision. (6:53pm--That decision has been made. No Marvin tonight.)

: Luther Head is out due to a broken hand. Jamario Moon is out due to a strained right groin and abdomen.


OTHER PERSPECTIVES: Peninsula Is Mightier

We beat them pretty bad in Game 1, and they beat us pretty bad in Game 3. So we’re even."

IN-SERIES TRENDWATCH: Trending down: Possessions, ATL eFG%, 2PTFG%, OR%, and TO%, MIA TO%

Trending up: MIA points per possession, OR%

GEMS FROM MIKE MOREAU'S SCOUTING REPORT: He could have written much of this at any point during the season, added "Game 4" where appropriate, and taken the rest of the day off:
Getting Joe Johnson going will be a priority for the Hawks in Game 4, and they must run their sets for him with more speed and better precision. The Hawks seem to run their offense in slow motion, as they simply stand around often and move the ball very little.

When Johnson catches the ball, the Heat defenders are just waiting on him. He is playing one versus five, surrounded by Heat defenders when playing his drives into the paint. He routinely ran into multiple defenders in Game 3 and had his shot blocked all night as he overpenetrated into the teeth of the Miami defense.

The Hawks can't continue to just jog down the floor and run sets. They must push the ball and have Bibby produce off the dribble. Expect the Hawks to play a faster pace in Game 4 so they can make some easier baskets. Al Horford might then use his speed to beat Jermaine O'Neal down the floor.

In Game 4, the Hawks must make harder cuts, tougher screens and quicker, more efficient ball movement to get the Heat defense in motion. None of their sets and quick hitters are effective at half speed and with the ball staying in one player's hands. The ball has to change sides of the floor more often and faster.
I'm laughing so as not to cry. Also, I would have at least hyphenated "overpenetration."

Consider this an open thread for all pre-game, in-game, and post-game (but pre-recap) thoughts.


Bronnt said...

Putting the ball in Al Horford's hands early in the shot clock will probably create mostly positive results.

Zaza needs to headbutt Jermaine O'Neal.

Al Horford (again) needs to prove that Michael Beasley cannot defend him each whenever those opportunities present themselves.

Joe Johnson needs to revert to his statistical mean production. He doesn't even have to be the all-star, 35 point, 9 assist JJ-just the 21 point, 53 TS%, and more assists than TOs JJ would be perfect.

Bret LaGree said...

I'm pretty sure I just heard 1) A professional reporter ask if Mike Woodson was "planning to do anything with Mario" because of Marvin's absence and 2) Woodson say yes, that he had to go deeper into his bench "especially if we get off to a slow start."

I had literally not thought once about Mario West in several days. This is why I remain an amateur.

Jason Walker said...

Skip the Olympics, Bret---Go pro---

Anonymous said...

Well that reporter apparently was onto something since West was the first wing reserve off the bench in this game. The fact that he and Solo were a combined -25 the 9 minutes that either of them was on the court (and thus the team as a whole was +35 in the other 41 minutes) doesn't exactly inspire confidence in that decision...