Wednesday, April 15, 2009 Bradley: Don't Look For D-Wade to D-Rail the Hawks

Key excerpt:
“That [series] taught us how to play playoff basketball,” Woodson said, and we’re about to see if that’s true. The Hawks seized on that Celtics experience to move from the No. 8 seed a year ago to No. 4 this time, and that’s a major consideration. They’ll have four games of the best-of-seven at Philips Arena, and we all know the Hawks – pause for effect – have never lost a postseason game on this hallowed hardwood.
Bradley also has a useful quote from Heat radio color man, John Crotty:
"Dwyane had 55 against the Knicks last week and [it was almost like] he didn’t take a jump shot. He just got to the rim. It’s harder to do that against the Hawks."
Plus, Dominique Wilkins breaks down the series in less than 30 seconds.


Drew Ditzel said...

didn't wade hit 6 threes on his way to 55?

Bret LaGree said...


13-18 2PTFGA
6-12 3PTFGA
11-13 FTA

Drew Ditzel said...

i guess the heat radio guy has a more inflated view of Wade's jumping ability than i do.