Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Injury Updates: Marvin Williams and Acie Law

Marvin returned, in a limited fashion, to practice yesterday. Take it away, Mr. Smith:
Marvin Williams joined Hawks teammates during the light contact portion of practice Monday.

That doesn’t mean Williams is going to return immediately, but it was his first live work in a month. He injured his lower back late in a March 7 win over Detroit and hasn’t played or practiced since.
Marvin Williams:
"Our training staff isn’t going to allow me to do anything I shouldn’t be doing. They know what’s best. Obviously, I want to get back out there as soon as I can to help my team. And my back feels well."
Mike Woodson:
"I didn’t realize he was going to go through the shell part of practice. I was trying to get him off the floor but he said he needed to test it after doing all this rehab work on his own."
That doesn't sound right but what do I know about how to run a practice, a team, an organization.

Sekou also gets an update on Acie Law IV's back injury from the man himself:
"My back’s still sore, but I feel like can play through it and tolerate the pain. So I’m trying to get back out there and play. I’ve missed so much time already. I just want to get back as soon as I can without risking anything and hurting my back even more. But this is that time of year. We’re pushing ourselves to get back because this is that time of year where you can’t afford to be playing bad basketball. We need a spark and if you’re sitting over there in suits like we have been, you want to be that spark."

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