Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April 14th Open Thread: Miami @ Atlanta

I don't expect there to be anything to be learned from tonight's game. My hopes extend beyond "no injuries" only to the extent that Thomas Gardner or Othello Hunter or Randolph Morris or, yes, even Speedy Claxton might do something tonight to inspire some idle speculation some slow day this off-season. I'm not dismissing the possibility. Mike Taylor scored 35 points in an NBA game this year.

I'll be watching. Plus, you never know there might be a moment in the first six minutes where someone who is going to play big role in the playoff series does something or has something done to him that will provide the one new thought that leads to better understanding the games that soon will count.

We'll forgo most of the game thread boilerplate due to the unique nature of tonight's game, but first, the particulars of some importance.

TIP-OFF: 7pm

TELEVISION: Fox Sports South

RADIO: Hawks Radio Network, Audio League Pass


LINKS (to be updated throughout the day)

From Chad Ford's chat this afternoon:
Peter (Seattle, WA): Does the Heat/Atl match up boil down to a great player against a good team? Which team prevails?

SportsNation Chad Ford: (1:33 PM ET ) Pretty much. But I like Miami here. I think we've all seen what a healthy DWade can do to a team in the playoffs. Just ask the Mavs. I think he'll be able to pull off the upset in 7 games.

Acknowledging the likely significant overlap between people checking for updates to this post and those who follow Speedy Claxton's Twitter feed, indulge me this:
speeddeamon nah only gonna play 7 or 8 mins


Drew Ditzel said...

i am unashamed to say i both was checking for updates and follow speedy's twitter.

Jason Walker said...

DD---I am also Spartacus---

M said...

i am very, very interested in this game tonight to see how this bench plays with extended minutes.

jrauch said...

How Mario West is on an NBA roster, much less plays, boggles my mind.

There really isn't anyone in the D-League better than him?