Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Oh How I Hope This Is Real

Speedy Claxton's Twitter feed, @speeddemon:
these dudes had only 11 people dress out n didnt wanna suit me up.... some fishy shit going on w the hawks about 16 hours ago from web
Even if it's not real, it'll join @Carl_Peterson on the short list of Twitter performance pieces I follow.

Thanks to jrauch for heads up.

UPDATE: Per comment #1 below, it's real.


Jason Walker said...

Lang got confirmation last night---it's Speedy---what are the Hawks going to do, bench him?

Bret LaGree said...


jrauch said...

I now have some sympathy for Sir Speedy.

Clearly he's frustrated and wants to play, and Lord knows another decent backcourt player couldn't hurt the Hawks.

Especially, since, yanno, we're paying him a truck full of cash.

JMar said...

Why do you hope this is real (or am I missing the e-sarcasm)? Certainly you don't want the only two point guards the Hawks have who can play defense to be rotting on the bench. Nor do you want to be a fan of a team who sacrifices quality of play in favor of an insurance check. And obviously they won't fire Mike Woodson no matter what big contract he benches. So I fail to see the positive spin on this, unless it's "Speedy is healthy, maybe we can trade him next season for a handful of beans."

Bret LaGree said...

If it's real, as it appears to be, then we've got a little more information about how the organization functions from a primary source.

If it's not real, then we've got an amusing hoax of questionable taste.

jrauch said...

Assuming what's being posted on the feed is true, and it appears to be, then we start to see the dark-side of an ownership group unwilling, or incapable, of spending even a reasonable amount of money to win.
For all the knocks on him, Speedy would be an infinite upgrade of running Mario West out there. At the minimum, he'd at least deepen a bench feeling the pinch of injuries.
And shocking though this may be, but Speedy's the only one on the team with really deep playoff experience.
Maybe that would pay off for, say, a young team desperate to take that step to the next level.

Really makes me regret renewing for 2009-2010 season.

M said...

wow. "just got off the phone w my agent told him to tell them that w need to cut ties no need for me to b around here anymore"... i feel for him, but in the grand scheme of life, he is getting paid a lot of money during the worst economic period of my lifetime, so things could be worse.