Thursday, April 30, 2009

Josh Smith Shooting Breakdown Through Game 5

Layups/Dunks: 19-23 (82.6%)
Intermediate*: 5-18 (27.8%)
Two-point jumpers: 5-20 (25%)
3PTFGA: 2-11 (18.2%, eFG%: 27.3%)

As in the regular season, Smith is such a poor jump shooter (full stop) that it's actually the two-point jumpers (96-312, 30.7%) that are more damaging to the Hawks' offense than the more attention-grabbing, though less-frequent, three-point attempts (26-87, 29.9%) since on the roughly 3 out of 10 times (during the regular season) or 1 out of 4 times (through five games of this playoff series) a Josh Smith jump shot goes in it's nice to get that extra point.

Of course, that assumes the nicest possible outcome--Josh Smith not attempting jump shots at all--remains practically irrelevant.

*Hook shots, turnaround jumpers int he post, non-layup runners...essentially shots neither taken at the rim nor as a spot-up jumper.

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