Friday, April 03, 2009

Celtics 104 Hawks 92



Team Poss Off Eff eFG% FT Rate OR% TO%
ATL 94.2 0.98
39.1 27.6
29.5 10.6
BOS 94.2
1.10 57.3

There's no shame in losing to the Celtics anywhere much less in Boston. To speak, though, of the importance of winning the game to prove yourselves and then have your first unit* put away by a Marbury/House/Allen/Moore/Perkins lineup has to serve as a bracing dose of cold water for a team's self-image.

*There is no second unit for the Hawks (Mario West was first off the bench in this important game.) but I don't know what other term to use.

Paul Pierce wasn't on the court while Boston increased their lead from 5 to 12 late in the third and early in the fourth quarter but he delivered the coups de grace--first making a three-pointer after sloughing off Joe Johnson* then, two possessions later, drawing a Johnson foul on another three-point attempt and making all three free throws. Pierce** played two minutes and eight seconds of the fourth quarter during which time Boston outscored Atlanta 8-0 and pushed the lead from 12 to 20.

*1 second half point

**and Rajon Rondo

As for Atlanta, only Mike Bibby distinguished himself offensively and his 20 point, 6 assist performance failed to negate Rondo's 20 point, 6 assist performance taking, as it did, 10 more minutes to achieve. Joe Johnson, Al Horford, and Josh Smith needed 42 shots (and 13 FTA) to score 42 points. Mo Evans was 0-6 from the floor. Zaza Pachulia missed six of seven shots. Flip Murray's 21 points will only impress those who didn't watch the game. 13 of the 21 were scored after Pierce and Rondo's fourth quarter cameos.

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Bronnt said...

Aww, c'mon Bret, tell us how you REALLY feel.

This game really never interested me, and that's mildly distressing. Is it just a given that the Celtics are still about 15 points better than the Hawks even without KG?

Not to mention that Ray Allen was missing wide open shots against the Hawks in all four meetings this year (a baffling statistical anomaly) and yet still they won all four.