Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Following Up On A Good Omen

Previously: A Good Omen

Part 2 of Neil Paine's study of how individuals fared against good and bad defenses in 2009-10 is up. Joe Johnson (14th in the league against both above- and below-average defenses) slips just to 17th against top-10 defenses and 16th against bottom-10 defenses but does not appear in the top 20 against either top-5 or bottom-5 defenses.

Al Horford is all over the leaderboards (usage rate between 18% and 23% division):
  • 4th in the league against below-average defenses
  • 9th in the league against top-10 defenses (over a 1500+ minute sample with a higher usage rate than his season mark)
  • 4th in the league against bottom-10 defenses
  • 4th in the league against bottom-5 defenses


Unknown said...

Hey Bret,

This is a little out of the dark, but with all of that CP3 chatter as of late...

Who says no first:

PG: Paul, Teague
SG: Johnson, Crawford, Evans
SF: Williams, Wright, Evans
PF: Horford, Powell
C: Okafor, ZaZa, Collins

I know it would destory our cap flexibility for years to come... but it would allow Horford to switch to his natural position, and we'd have a good center (even though he has a bad contract).

If the Hornets said "no" we could sweeten the deal with next years 1st round pick (which barring injury could be in the 20s)


Bret LaGree said...

John --

If I were New Orleans, I'd want Horford rather than Smith as Smith and David West wouldn't figure to work well together.

I doubt anyone will take Bibby with 2/12 still owed him. Paul/Okafor for Horford/Crawford/Williams would probably be better for New Orleans.