Thursday, July 01, 2010

We Could Be Misjudging Ownership

Michael Cunningham, in his latest blog entry, reports that ASG, who wouldn't eat the second year of Randolph Morris's contract or carry more than the minimum 13 players on the roster last season and who just hired Larry Drew to the cheapest head coaching contract in the NBA, are prepared, after signing Joe Johnson to a $119 million contract, to add players and pay the luxury tax:
Talked to a person with insight into ASG’s rationale for offering J.J. a max contract. Basically, the plan is for the Hawks to re-sign J.J. and then add the necessary pieces to make them a true contender in the Eastern Conference.
Now, this could be a response to David Aldridge but the owners have been willing to spend money on players (if not always, or even often, wisely) over the last 12 months.

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jrauch said...

And now they feed a bunch of B.S. to the fans. Genius!