Friday, July 23, 2010 (Insider): Thorpe: Rookie Watch

David Thorpe ranks Jordan Crawford's Summer League performance 18th among rookies:
Crawford is viewed as a pure scorer, and he showed that in Vegas. Although he didn't shoot well overall, he displayed his ability to shoot from 3 and exhibited solid court vision and feel. I also liked the fact that he looked to make plays on D. I liked him better than I expected to.
Crawford didn't shoot especially well (He missed all seven three-pointers he attempted over the last three games in Vegas.) but he was largely above the Vegas Summer League averages, which is probably what one should expect from a first round pick.



Throwback Soul said...

How many players does Aldridge rank in the article? I mean that's still great to hear, but I'd be interested (short of paying ESPN for the info) to know who he snubbed in terms of earlier draft picks to get that spot...I guess once he fills out and learns to breakthrough an NBA screen, he's gonna be a beaster....

sgrapevine said...

we're all aware how statistically insignificant these numbers are, right?
if he would have hit just one of the 3's he missed, he would have been +3% over league average.
if one unit of difference accounts for a 4% swing, then no one should care.

Bret LaGree said...

The numbers are there to show that, though Crawford didn't shoot well in Vegas, good shooting is rarely witnessed in Summer League and this should not be a serious concern at this time.