Sunday, July 11, 2010

Guide to the Atlanta Hawks Summer League Roster

Jeff Teague will be the focal point. Jordan Crawford, Sergiy Gladyr, and Pape Sy will intrigue. Richard Hendrix, James Augustine, Jermareo Davidson, and Alade Aminu should each have a real chance to augment the frontcourt rotation this season. Trey Gilder and Landon Milbourne may be test cases as to whether or not the team recognizes the need for a backup small forward. Randolph Morris apparently has a chance to serve (again) as a redundant (though perhaps more importantly a bulky* and redundant) center and/or a manifestation of the organization's separation anxiety.

*Does every public mention of the need for a big guy, a "true center," or someone "bulky" cause Zaza Pachulia pain?

Jeff Teague:
2009-10 Season Review: Jeff Teague

Boxscore from the 82nd game, wherein Teague scored 24 points and earned 15 assists
Jordan Crawford:
Pre-draft assessment of Jordan Crawford: "He scored at a higher rate last season than any other shooting guard in this draft and he and Andy Rautins are the only shooting guards (in this draft) to make more than half of their two-point attempts and over 37% of their three-point attempts last season. Factor in Crawford's age, athleticism, and his acceptable passing and ball-handling and you've got a reasonable NBA prospect."

Let's not forget in the disappointment of how picks 31 and 53 were used that Crawford was likely a good use of the 27th pick if perhaps slightly redundant from a short-term roster construction standpoint.

Post-draft assessment of Jordan Crawford, including more complete college stats.
Sergiy Gladyr:
2009-10 league stats
Pape Sy:
all Hoopinion posts tagged "Pape Sy"

Michael Cunningham on Sy from this weekend's rookie camp: "Pape is legitimately 6-7 and quick with long arms. Those are the tools for a good defender and Pape also seems to have the tenacity for it. 'He’s a good defender,' L.D. said. 'Ask Jeff Teague. Took [the ball] from him. [Teague] got a little lackdasical with the ball and he just took it from him. He’s a gritty defender. He’s got good size, he’s got long arms and he’s got an aggression about him. You can’t be lax around him.'"
Don't expect either Gladyr or Sy to join the logjam in the backcourt this season. Dave Pendergraft:
"Now is not the right time. We brought them over here to get experience. The game plan is for them to learn the system and get them some exposure to some NBA-level players.

[Spain] is a perfect place for [Gladyr]. It is a good league, arguably the second-best league in the world, and he gets to play."
Richard Hendrix:
2009-10 league stats

2008-09 D-League stats

DraftExpress on Hendrix (12/28/09): "He’s a brute force underneath the basket with his terrific body, huge hands and 7-3 wingspan. He’s not a terribly skilled offensive player but is regardless fairly effective around the paint, particularly with his back to the basket. His main virtues lie in his rebounding ability, as he boxes out opponents extremely well and does an excellent job pursuing loose balls with his soft hands and long arms. He is yet to develop much of a face-up game and still a liability from the free throw line, two things he must address as his career moves on, but is a highly efficient player (leading the ACB in field goal percentage) who understands his limitations and comes off as quite an intelligent and fundamentally sound player. Defensively, Hendrix is an undersized center who is effective guarding the post thanks to his strength, smarts and tenacity, but loses effectiveness the more he steps away from the basket."
James Augustine:
2009-10 league stats

career NBA stats

2006-07 D-League stats

2010 Orlando Summer League stats
Jermareo Davidson:
2009-10 league stats

career NBA stats

career D-League stats

2010 Orlando Summer League stats
Alade Aminu:
2009-10 D-League stats
Trey Gilder:
career D-League stats

2010 Orlando Summer League stats
Landon Milbourne:
2009-10 college stats
Luke Jackson:
2009-10 league stats

career NBA stats

career D-League stats
Randolph Morris:
2009-10 Season Review: The End of the Bench

2008-09 Season Review: The End of the Bench

career NBA stats


Bronnt said...

Trey Glider and Landon Millbourne are on this team because even summer league teams need small forwards. I don't think the Hawks' front office has recognized the need for another defensive swing player.

Eric said...

Not related to this post but to the Childress S&T. To me it seems like Hawks MGT is eating its words about being willing to spend over the cap. That is, unless they go out and use the MLE to sign a big man or trade Marvin. I, for one, am sad to see Childress go. I think Childress' tenure with the Hawks is nothing but a black mark - we picked him too high and even though he turned out to be productive, we still managed to both contract negotiations and get nothing for him at the end of the day. Sund hasn't proven much to me so far and sadly this latest move is in line with my expectations.