Thursday, July 22, 2010

NBA Facts & Rumors: Moore: Atlanta Hawks Offseason Review

Two excerpts from Matt Moore's review of the Atlanta Hawks' off-season activity to date:
Philosophy: "Self-delusion is all the rage this summer!"
The vast number of ways in which the Johnson signing was poorly conceived is staggering. The full max, all six years? That much money? The roster had potential to really contend, but instead, the Hawks simply avoided the great collapse of losing a high usage player with low efficiency. Johnson can take over a game like few in the league. But he also simply isn't worth the money, and it's hamstrung their franchise for the future.

Grade: D+
Moore, it should be noted, is a huge Joe Johnson fan who has, previously, taken me to task for being hard on Johnson and/or the organization's insistence on treating him as a franchise player.

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