Friday, July 30, 2010

Hawks Officially Sign Josh Powell, Jason Collins

Two men. Their combined age: 58. Combined, they played almost 700 minutes last season. Neither has played 1000 minutes in a season since 2007-08.

The Hawks officially signed Josh Powell on Monday. Were they done? No. Three days later, the Hawks officially re-signed Jason Collins. And with that, the frontcourt rotation is, presumably, set. Good news for fans of Zaza Pachulia being the third big man rather than just the backup center. Bad news for fans of youth, possibility, or quality depth.

Both deals are presumed to be for the veteran minimum with the Hawks paying $854,389 of the salaries and the league covering the rest. The deals leave the Hawks with (for luxury tax purposes) $67,555,812 committed to 12 players.

League rules require the Hawks to employ one more player. Kyle Weaver, anyone?

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