Monday, July 12, 2010

Hawks Trade Josh Childress To Phoenix

The return on holding the right to match an offer for this sort of production: a 2012 second-round pick and a trade exception. Michael Cunningham describes the potential value of the exception:
Atlanta’s trade exception would be worth half the amount of his first-year salary since he would become a base-year compensation player. The exception works as a sort of credit that would allow the Hawks to make a trade while over the salary cap without meeting the usual salary-matching requirement.
The trade can't be fairly evaluated until the exception gets used or expires but it must be noted that Josh Childress will be paid less money (and over more years) than the Hawks gave their perennial* fifth-option Marvin Williams.

*The constancy of his role somewhat negates the idea that the Hawks expect (or demand) improvement from Williams due to his relative youth.


jrauch said...

I really don't get the logic behind this after holding onto his rights for two years. Was this really the best offer around?

Bret LaGree said...

If other teams suspect the same thing we do about ownership's willingness to pay the tax, it probably was the best offer.

The more disturbing thing is that there's no reason to doubt the Hawks, from a strictly basketball perspective, peg Childress' value at about what they got back from Phoenix.

Lenymo said...

I like that Marvin Williams is being mentioned in trade talks but I don't know which other team would be interested in him since he's worth a fair bit less than his contract annual salary.

jrauch said...

So we turned the number 6 pick in 2004 into a likely low round second round pick in 2012, plus a couple million trade exception.

Is Isiah Thomas around doing deals for us now?

Xavier said...

Not as bad as Miami w/ Beasley.