Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dwight Howard Gets It

By "gets it," of course I mean "appears to agree with me."

Amidst the frequent calls for the Hawks to add a "true" center, it's been as difficult to find a reference to the large and effective Zaza Pachulia as it is to find
a defense of the Joe Johnson contract. In an interview with Jeff Schultz of the AJC, Dwight Howard provides an example (implicitly) of the former (HT: Soaring Down South):
"I like their lineup now. I know a lot of people get mad and say they’re not big on the inside, but they’re a big team. They’ve got big guards. They’ve got big forwards. They’ve got a flying forward [Josh Smith]. So it doesn’t really matter about having a seven-footer."
Howard also speaks of the potential folly of the Hawks building a team specifically to counter him:
"That’s only four games out of the season. You have to look long term and what’s best for your team. Cleveland got Shaq to match up with the Magic. They also got Antawn Jamison to match up with the Magic. But they didn’t even play the Magic. They played Boston [and lost]. You match up for the league, not just one team."

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