Thursday, July 08, 2010

Summer League Roster Set

There are some potentially useful players on here in addition to Jeff Teague (of whom we should see plenty as there is not another lead guard on the roster): Richard Hendrix and James Augustine foremost among those whose rights the Hawks do not own. The roster (as reported by Michael Cunningham) below. Analysis to follow in a subsequent post.

Alade Aminu, F, 6-10, Georgia Tech (R)
James Augustine, F, 6-10, Illinois (2)
Jordan Crawford, G , 6-4, Xavier (R)
Jermareo Davidson , F, 6-10, Alabama (2)
Trey Gilder, F, 6-9, Northwestern State (1)
Sergiy Gladyr, G, 6-5, Ukraine (R)
Richard Hendrix, F, 6-9, Alabama (R)
Luke Jackson, F/G, 6-7, Oregon (4)
Landon Milbourne, F, 6-7, Maryland (R)
Randolph Morris, C, 6-11, Kentucky (4)
Pape Sy, G, 6-6, France (R)
Jeff Teague, G, 6-2 Wake Forest (1)

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Bronnt said...

I find both of the former Alabama forwards to be fairly compelling. I'm not seeing anyone there who profiles as a good defensive swingman, which is a hole the Hawks really need to fill.