Tuesday, July 06, 2010

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CoCo (7/5, 9:33pm): So as it turns out Shaq is the "right player" they'll pay the luxury tax for???? *rolls eyes*

Arif (7/5, 11:10pm): Oh Dear God. Looks like we weren't misjudging ownership, after all. This is what they meant by "necessary pieces?" Please please please stop them. Please.

Bronn (7/5, 11:24pm): The Hawks effort to find a "bulky" center seems to be contrary to coach Larry Drew's stated goals of playing more up-tempo. Ideally, the best acquisition would be someone like, say, Josh Childress, who can play back-up minutes at the three. More realistically, Matt Barnes would be a great pick-up if the Hawks are serious about improving the roster.

Still, someone has to play back-up minutes at the 4. So much money is invested in the players they already have that they may see the benefit of improving over the minutes that Mo Evans plays at the 3 as less cost efficient than getting Josh Smith's back-up. That makes sense. What doesn't make sense is addressing the position of third-string center while there are two gaping holes on the roster, which were already filled with non-productive players in the previous season.

Glenn (7/6, 4:57am): I hope this doesn't happen. Surely they can do better than Shaq. Trade Marvin Williams (if anyone will take him) but don't add to the payroll with Shaq. Interestingly David Aldridge says the Hawks aren't interested in moving Horford to the 4 so Shaq would presumably be a backup if this went through.

jrauch (7/6, 8:32am): They're assembling the best 2005 team they can under the circumstances.

I'm beginning to like Belkin more and more.

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