Wednesday, June 02, 2010

2009-10 Season Review: End of the Bench

Mario West

West played 142 minutes after his
shock return to the team in January. For the second straight year he scored more points than he committed fouls, a task made difficult by him playing 33 more defensive than offensive possessions. His is a fascinating and remarkable career. He's played 156 games in the NBA. In 57 of those games (36.5%), he played less than one minute. Fifteen percent of his career minutes have come in three end-of-season dead rubbers (4/14/09, 4/15/09, and 4/14/10).

Randolph Morris

Morris saw a bit more action (124 minutes over 28 games, the latter a career high) in the second year of his contract with the Hawks. It was far and away the most productive season of his NBA career. He raised his career FG% almost 70 points (up to 42.6%), raised his career FT% by 33 points (up to 54.5%), and doubled his career rate of points/36 minutes.
His size could give him future opportunities, but the lack of athleticism which keeps him from grabbing offensive rebounds (27 in 438 career minutes) and constantly fouling (100 in 438 career minutes) will likely preclude him from contributing in any meaningful way.

Jason Collins

115 minutes, 21 fouls, 16 points, 14 rebounds, and
4:49 of useful basketball. It appears I may have overestimated what Collins had left.

Othello Hunter

Hunter played
33 unmemorable minutes in 7 games before the Hawks waived him days prior to his contract becoming guaranteed. He moved on to Ilisiakos in the Greek league and played 9 games for them, averaging 10 points and 7 rebounds in just under 23 minutes a game.

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rbubp said...

I can only wonder what bizarre idiosyncrasies the future coach will foist on us, but I look forward to being beyond the sad joke that is Mario West's presence and deployment.