Thursday, June 04, 2009

2008-09 Season Review: Maurice Evans

An almost perfectly average bench player, whose sole moment of inspiration (for me) this season (gratuitous references to Kansas heritage don't count) concerned the formulation of a (since abandoned) theory that Mike Woodson might underrate players who don't dribble a lot, Maurice Evans spent the 2008-09 season making spot up three-pointers, being in position defensively, and, in not doing much else, created the impression that he understood his limitations. He should be able to repeat the trick in the 2009-10 season though it wouldn't be the worst allocation of resources to bring in a younger, more athletic wing player to serve as a understudy/partner to Evans.

Because of Evans' very specific skill set, he should have a key bench role regardless of the changes to the roster this summer. His offensive role would likely shrink if the Hawks choose to push the tempo more often. On the other hand, were the Hawks to replace Mike Bibby with a penetrating point guard, Evans' presence behind the three-point line in the corner might become more valuable.

Evans provides largely effective defense despite not being the most athletic player. Were the Hawks to temper their enthusiasm for switching every screen, his intelligence and veteran guile might provide a slight defensive boost during his time on the court.

Then again, the predictability of Evans' production and his expiring contract might make him an attractive make-weight in a trade should Rick Sund attempt to remake the roster in some fundamental way either before or during the season.


Jonathan said...

He has got two more years right?

Bret LaGree said...

You are correct. I misremembered the third year as a team option but it's a player option.