Sunday, June 28, 2009

Equal Time

From Acie Law's blog:
I guess it was a matter of time before it happened to me. You all read the news. Me and speedo have been traded to Golden State for Jamal Crawford.

Man, honestly I don't know how to feel. One moment I'm happy and the next I'm sad. I'm happy because it feels good to be wanted and I feel like I will get a chance to play. Lets be honest Coach Woodson never respected my game. I feel like a rookie again. Fresh new start excited for what's about to come. You can say I got a chip on my shoulder cause I do. Mark the day I return to Atlanta on your calender. I know I'm waiting for the new schedule to come out.

I'm sad cause although I didn't get to play, I had some of the best teammates you can ask for. Everyone was cool like family. Speedo said the first time is the hardest. My man Greasy (Mario West) was like my closest teammate. I wish he could come with me.
I wish he could too, Acie.


rbubp said...

Greasy could probably demand to be released so he can go sign with Golden State, right? Wonder how Acie feels about having been behind Greasy in the pecking order?

Seriously, I hope he does really well at Golden State. Watch out for Nellie's doghouse, Acie, it's a doozy too.

jrauch said...

Why did no one ever bother to mention Mario West's team nickname is Greasy?

How did he get this nickname? Why did it stick? Is it a holdover from Tech or was there some unfortunate locker room mishap?

Inquiring minds need to know.

thirdfalcon said...

IDK but that is an awesome nickname for him, lol. I don't think anyone should ever call him anything else ever again.

jrauch said...

Its a complete non sequitur, and does nothing to really describe his absolutely atrocious professional basketball abilities.

Perfect nickname.