Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Further Draft/Free Agency/Trade Rumor Reading

  • Ed Weiland carries on with his position breakdowns at Hoopsanalyst: small forwards, combo forwards, and power forwards. Centers presumably to follow tomorrow.
  • John Hollinger translates European stats (Insider). The concise version: Ricky Rubio and Brandon Jennings put up lousy stats last season. Turkish center Oguz Savas translates best. Also, D'Or Fisher is a free agent and could be a decent backup center in the NBA, and, David Andersen, Hollinger writes:
    projects as a halfway decent pick-and-pop 4, but I've never heard anybody in Atlanta talk about him. Ever. Truth is he's probably not good enough to bother buying him out and bringing him over, and if there was a time to do so, it passed several years ago.
  • I'm not an extremist either way when it comes to Tyler Hansbrough but I doubt he'll be the best option for the Hawks at 19 (should he still be on the board) but today's workout story turned my thoughts to him and made we wonder if the potential juxtaposition of Hansbrough's countenances juxtaposed with that (a conscious use of the singular, that) of Randolph Morris might hold significant entertainment value.

  • Sean May's available and a cautionary example for any team planning to overlook weight and/or injury issues when drafting a talented, productive collegian.
  • Marc Stein is updating his compilation of trade rumors here.
  • Alan Hahn's showing his (significant volume of) work here.

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