Monday, June 22, 2009

Draft Board: T-Minus 3 Days

I've resolved the various position rankings into one long list: a draft board, if you will. I've intentionally left out those players about whom I don't have (or, at least, don't think I have) an informed opinion (Omri Casspi (Projection), Rodrique Beaubois, Jonas Jerebko, Victor Claver, Sergio Llull, etc.). I may have unintentionally left out others and reserve the right to make changes to this list in the coming days for reasons of thoroughness, accuraccy, or caprice.

Looking at this list from 1-68* it's apparent that I don't think that this is a very good draft for a team that is not 1) The Los Angeles Clippers or 2) looking to acquire a point guard with the reasonable expectation of having him provide above average production for five or six years and the hope that they get the one of the eight guys who fit the bill on that score that develops into an All-Star.

*The players are ranked in a rough sort of absolute value in an attempt to balance their potential against the likelihood of their achieving their potential.

The needs of the Atlanta Hawks were not factored in this ranking.

The differences between players shrink the farther down the list one gets. From 47 to the end, the players could reasonably be put in almost any order.

1) Blake Griffin
2) James Harden
3) DeJuan Blair
4) Ricky Rubio
5) Stephen Curry
6) Tyreke Evans
7) Jrue Holiday
8) Hasheem Thabeet
9) Ty Lawson
10) Brandon Jennings
11) Darren Collison
12) Terrence Williams
13) Jeff Teague
14) Eric Maynor
15) Earl Clark
16) Tyler Hansbrough
17) Jordan Hill
18) James Johnson
19) DeMar DeRozan
20) DaJuan Summers
21) Toney Douglas
22) Marcus Thornton
23) Jodie Meeks
24) Sam Young
25) Danny Green
26) Jeff Pendergraph
27) Jonny Flynn
28) Nick Calathes
29) Diamon Simpson
30) Austin Daye
31) Gerald Henderson
32) Patrick Mills
33) Chase Budinger
34) Wayne Ellington
35) Ahmad Nivins
36) BJ Mullens
37) Taj Gibson
38) Robert Dozier
39) Josh Shipp
40) Aaron Jackson
41) Paul Harris
42) Goran Suton
43) Leo Lyons
44) Daniel Hackett
45) DeMarre Carroll
46) Lester Hudson
47) Jerel McNeal
48) Brandon Costner
49) John Bryant
50) Wesley Matthews
51) Jack McClinton
52) Patrick Beverly
53) Alade Aminu
54) Dar Tucker
55) Garrett Temple
56) Chris Johnson
57) AJ Price
58) Ben Woodside
59) Tony Gaffney
60) Kyle Spain
61) Jermaine Taylor
62) Josh Heytvelt
63) Tyrese Rice
64) Dionte Christmas
65) Jon Brockman
66) Jeff Adrien
67) Dominic James
68) Alex Ruoff

Questions, comments, and requests for clarification welcome, as always, in the comments. Feel free to discuss the reports about workouts there, too. I don't have much to say about them as I didn't attend and likely wouldn't know what to look for were I to attend. I do enjoy teams and players pretending every single summer that showing up in a suit and tie is a valuable portent.


Bronnt said...

"Looking at this list from 1-68* it's apparent that I don't think that this is not a very good draft for a team that is not 1) The Los Angeles Clippers..." et all

There's so many negatives in that sentence that I'm not sure what it means. But taken in the context with the rest of your draft previews, I believe you might have added an incidental negative in there somewhere.

Bret LaGree said...

Incidental negative or cry for (copy editing) help?

YOU make the call.

jrauch said...

A little from column A, a little from column B.

And yes, the draft generally sucks if you're not the Clippers.

rbubp said...

I think this is the worst draft since 2006, which had Brandon Roy, LaMarcus Aldridge and a bunch of pudge.

rbubp said...

(And 2006 was the worst in a log time, IMO.)