Thursday, June 11, 2009

Point Guard Wrap-Up

I'm taking a bit of a different tack with the second positional post than I originally envisioned as I don't have a lot to say about the second ten point guard prospects.

Thus, the point guards (including European/played in Europe in 2008-09 prospects about whom I feel marginally confident about expressing an opinion) broken down by a rough estimation of where they could be picked for fair value.

1) Ricky Rubio
2) Stephen Curry
3) Tyreke Evans
4) Jrue Holiday
5) Brandon Jennings
6) Darren Collison
7) Eric Maynor
8) Ty Lawson
9) Jeff Teague
10) Jonny Flynn
11) Nick Calathes
12) Patrick Mills
13) Daniel Hackett
14) Jack McClinton
15) Patrick Beverly
16) AJ Price
17) Ben Woodside
18) Aaron Jackson
19) Tyrese Rice
20) Dominic James

The categories are fluid and could be adjusted by the time I complete the position-by-position breakdowns and post a draft board. Questions, comments, criticisms, and arguments welcome as always.


JEM said...

Obviously you didn't forget him in your review, but why do you hate eric maynor - he isn't listed :)

Bret LaGree said...

Because I'm sloppy. Looks like I've replicated the mistake a couple of times since. Thanks for the heads up.