Friday, June 12, 2009

Shooting Guard Wrap-Up

Jerel McNeal demonstrated improvement as a shooter last year at Marquette. A solid defender at either guard position if he can consistently knock down open shots or show competence as a backup point guard he could make somebody's bench.

Dar Tucker's future looked far brighter a year ago. His sophomore was such a debacle that I assume team's will (and should) rely far more on scouting and workouts than the latter half of his playing record to estimate his true value.

Garrett Temple profiles as a defensive specialist but there are a lot of guys who profile as such and very few of them make an impact as a rookie. (This is why Luc Richard Mbah a Moute was so impressive last season in Milwaukee.) Temple's future will all be down to the confluence of effort, execution, and opportunity.

Jermaine Taylor and Lester Hudson deserve special attention for their collegiate scoring exploits. I'm skeptical about either guy making an impact in the NBA due to neither excelling at making a high percentage of three-pointers nor in getting to the free throw line. Both players posted good rebounding numbers for shooting guards while Hudson's assist total and Taylor's block-and-a-half per 100 possessions offer some hope but neither figures to be taken as more than a flyer.

1) James Harden
2) Toney Douglas
3) Marcus Thornton
4) Jodie Meeks
5) Gerald Henderson
6) Wayne Ellington
7) Jerel McNeal
8) Lester Hudson
9) Dar Tucker
10) Garrett Temple
11) Kyle Spain
12) Jermaine Taylor
13) Dionte Christmas
14) Alex Ruoff

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Gerald and Wayne 2nd round?