Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Peachtree Hoops Drafts at #19

There are two (2) defensible reasons for doing a mock draft: 1) You're Chad Ford, it's your job to cover the draft 12 months a year, and, at this time of year you're on the phone 18 hours a day gathering information or 2) You get a knowledgeable fanalyst* from each team to act as GM and select the player that makes the most sense in his/her head or stokes the most desire within his/her heart.

SBNation has marshaled their resources to do the latter, and Peachtree Hoops has stepped to the podium on behalf of the Hawks:
Not sure if I am more depressed because my top five realistic choices for the Hawks are off the board or that BJ Mullens has already been selected. I feel like the Hawks have the 42nd pick right here...Considering that Jeff Teague may have earned his draft position during the first 17 games of Wake Forest season and his production fell off by mid January, he represents a large risk. But no player is a sure thing at 19. Shoot, BJ Mullens was drafted. And in Teague's case, those first 17 games were pretty dang good.
I think I'd be pretty pleased with Rick Sund doing the same Thursday night. Minus the BJ Mullens references, of course.

*Neologism or plagiarism? If it's the former I want credit. If it's the latter, I ask for your mercy.

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