Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Is Michael Cunningham the Best Beat Writer in the NBA?

It's both a nominating provocation and an open question as there's no beat writer I read more often. His blog post this afternoon (an off day, I add) about the discrepancy between Larry Drew's words action regarding Jeff Teague is an example for anyone writing about basketball. It has it all: research, quality prose, sharp questions, and expansive quotes for the answers to those questions.

To whomever compiles the best basketball writing of 2010: do not less this pass you by.


Unknown said...

It's simple, LD doesn't have either the authority or confidence to change the rotation set by his predecessor.

Keith Box said...

I don't think it is that. I think Larry is simply the exact opposite of Mike Woodson. Where Mike was big on defense and paid little more than lip service to the offense, Larry is all about offense and gives lip service to defense.

Daniel said...

I think he's a first-time coach who knows what happened to his predecessor and is trying to prove his worth to the ownership. Accordingly, wins are more important than development.