Wednesday, December 22, 2010

SBNation: Ziller: NBA MVP Power Rankings

It says something for this blog that a link of MVP power rankings less than half-way through the season represents a move toward power ranking seriousness. That it's the estimable Tom Ziller doing the rankings and writing the commentary* certainly helps. But what's most serious is Al Horford's play this season. Hence, his appearance in the fifth slot of these NBA MVP Power Rankings:

Atlanta held on tough during Joe Johnson's brief absence, and you can credit Horford's smooth acceptance of extra offensive duty as a key reason. Bret LaGree at Hoopinion did a lovely little comparison of Horford and the man who follows him on this list; it's well worth a read. Though a decrease in minutes masks it, Horford is a real candidate for not only the All NBA team, but Most Improved Player.

He takes more shots this year ... and shoots more efficiently in the process. Before this season, he was one of the most reliable post defenders in the NBA. Now? He's one of the top offensive post options to go along with it. Just a beautiful evolution to watch.

*That I get a mention may detract from the overall seriousness.


Bronnt said...

Since I know it wasn't intentional, I got a chuckle out of the fact that you linked to your own blog twice but forgot to link to the SBNation Power Rankings that this post is ostensibly about.

Bret LaGree said...

At the risk of lessening anyone else's enjoyment, I have now linked to the post I wrote about.