Tuesday, December 28, 2010

AJC.com: Cunningham: Jordan Crawford Could Join Pape Sy in D-League

Michael Cunningham reports:
Pape Sy is off to play in the NBA Development League, and fellow Hawks rookie guard Jordan Crawford soon could join him.

“There has been some talk about it,” Hawks coach Larry Drew said. “We are certainly going to keep our options open with our young guys [and] putting them in situations where they can get some playing time instead of practicing every day and just being with the team. I would rather them be somewhere playing, where they are learning, where they can get some experience.”
Jordan Crawford played in 8 of Atlanta's first 16 games, for a total of just under 97 minutes, displaying promising shot creation if not always shot conversion skills plus perfectly acceptable assist, turnover, and defensive rebounding rates.

He's played in just 2 of the last 17 games, for just under 12 minutes, and has been inactive for 9 of the last 14 games as you never know when you might need to use Mo Evans and Damien Wilkins or Jason Collins and Etan Thomas at the same time.

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