Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Basketball Jones: 60/30: No. 24, Philips Arena

Andrew Unterberger made the 24th stop of his tour of NBA arenas at Philips Arena last Friday night for the Hawks/Bobcats tilt. His thoughts on Philips:
The interior of the stadium was one of my favorites that I’ve visited so far. The whole thing was kind of wacky looking, the hallways splashed with exuberant colors and all sorts of goofy shit hanging from the walls. The food options were plentiful and admirably diverse, and there was an impressive number of different Hawks paraphernalia stands, including one just for team hats (which I wish I’d seen in time to get a throwback) and one just for t-shirts of the 80s team logo in various different color schemes. Really, the entire area just looked like a big mall food court and rec center — which might be meant as an insult coming from some, but from someone who spent much of his youth craving the bourbon chicken at King of Prussia mall, it’s one of the highest of compliments.

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