Tuesday, December 28, 2010

SI.com: The Point Forward: LaGree: Average Hawks in Need of Financial Creativity

Given the opportunity to help fill in for the vacationing Zach Lowe, I jumped at the chance to play Nate Robinson to his Rajon Rondo at The Point Forward on SI.com. They asked me to write about Rick Sund's belief in improving by staying the same:
Given that Philips Arenas has been, on average, at 75 percent capacity this season and that the franchise has not won a second-round playoff game since 1997, deciding to stay below the luxury-tax threshold is perfectly reasonable.

The lack of creativity in spending their limited resources is less so. Does any team (at least as 2011 dawns) need Mo Evans and Damien Wilkins? Both Jason Collins and Etan Thomas? Simply limiting themselves to one aging role player per position would create some financial flexibility while freeing up a couple of roster spots for younger players capable of augmenting the core in the present and possibly providing greater value in the future.

Unless the organization is willing to accept diminishing returns from their long-standing belief in sticking with more of the same, cutting back on aging role players may be a necessary change.


Daniel said...

I agree with the concept that continuity of the team is good, but only to a certain amount. At some point you have to shake up a couple of things to keep it from going stale. The Lakers won the stinking title and still shook it up a bit. What did the Hawks do after getting blown out of the second round of the playoffs? Replace Joe Smith with Josh Powell.

Should have traded Jamal this summer. He peaked last year.

Bret LaGree said...

Even that advice, Daniel, assumes that one of the other 29 GMs would both have someone available the Hawks wanted/needed and that GM was not able to figure out that Jamal peaked last year.