Friday, December 17, 2010

Updating Jeff Teague

Yesterday's post on Jeff Teague's simultaneous improvement and diminishing playing time deserves, in the wake of his 18 point, 3 assist (and 4 turnover), 3 steal, 25 minute performance last night in Boston, an immediate update.

Teague is now scoring more and scoring more efficiently than he did in his rookie season.

Jeff TeaguePts/36TS%eFG%2PTFG%3PTFG%FT Rate

Teague's turnover rate rose last night, but so did his assist and defensive rebound rates.

Jeff TeagueAst%TO%OR%DR%

Teague remains second on the team in steal rate and fourth in block rate.

Teague's PER this season is up to 14.9. The league average is 15.0.

The graph of his (game-by-game) minutes played this season look like this:

click to enlarge

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Unknown said...

stop putting up statistical evidence that we have no clue what we're doing with our talent