Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Off the Dribble: Mahoney: Hawks Fail to Embrace Undervalued Horford

Friend of the blog Rob Mahoney takes up Al Horford's case with the NYTimes.com audience:
Let’s make this simple and direct: Al Horford is the Atlanta Hawks’ best player. Joe Johnson may make more money and Josh Smith may be a SportsCenter staple, but Horford is Atlanta’s most prolific scorer (he leads the team in points per minute), their top rebounder (he also leads in rebounds per minute and rebounding rate), a willing and productive passer, and the team’s most versatile and effective defender.
Definitely worth reading the entire thing.


Unknown said...

While your Horford crush is worthy, you're beginning to reach Fazekas level attention to this guy. I do have to admit that he's raised his level this year to the point that I agree he's the best player. Still believe Josh is the most talented, but Josh's head and lack of coaching (or coachability) will seemingly halt his ascent as the star of this team.

Unknown said...

He deserves every drop of attention he gets. He is the team- he is every win we have had. He deserves the max contract, he deserves to have a team built around him. His work ethic is perfect. His mistakes are forgivable because he plays smart.
I would trade anyone on the team before Horford.

Bret LaGree said...

Larry --

The combination of Mahoney writing for the Times and the subject of his piece combine to form a force more powerful than Fazekas, who is, by the way, putting up a very Horford-ish 15 and 9 in 26 minutes a night for Reno.

jrauch said...

If the Hawks signed Fazekas, would you have some sort of man-crush seizure?

Totally agree on Al though. I really don't know what this team would be like without him. And to think I wanted the Hawks to draft Conley.

Bret LaGree said...

I'm afraid the window for Fazekas as an NBA player may well have passed. He did have athletic limitations. He also deserved a real chance.