Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Mo Evans Has Cooled Off

Mo Evans: nice bench player on a reasonable contract, possible future coach, native Kansan, and currently slumping offensively.

One of the highlights of the Hawks' December blowout rampage was the four-game stretch where Evans averaged 17 points a game, shot 84.2 eFG%, and made at least 3 three-pointers in each of the games all in just 28 minutes per game. Since then, though, Evans hasn't made more than 1 field goal in any of the Hawks' last nine games, shooting 25 eFG% over the stretch.

Now, unlike certain of his teammates, Evans brings things to the table other than shot-making: acceptable defense, offensive rebounding, quick and solid decision-making* so it's not so much a crisis as an odd looking game log that describes another small piece of the current 2-6 skid.

*Eight turnovers in 509 minutes so far this season. It's only a slight exaggeration to say that ball-movement never bogs down when Evans touches the ball.


Bigdave said...

Looks like Mario West is heating up in the D League

Bronnt said...

Unfortunately, most of Mo Evans' minutes are at the 3, where he's at a serious disadvantage defensively. He tries, though. He'd be more than acceptable if he wasn't forced out of position.