Wednesday, January 13, 2010

May You Live In Interesting Times

Re-acquiring Mario West may drive me around the bend but there was another item in the Hawks coverage from today's AJC that pleased me greatly. Again, Ken Sugiura:
The Hawks resorted to one-on-one play and jump shots to ill-effect when the offense faltered -- or perhaps vice versa, particularly against Orlando and Miami. It's fine when the shots go in, but, according to, the Hawks rank 20th in the NBA in field-goal percentage on shots from 16-23 feet. There are more reliable strategies in the playbook.
Hoopdata used and mentioned by name. No link provided in the online version of the story, but still, this is a wonderfully positive development.

For further reference, the Hawks are 12th in the league in FGA per game from 16-23 feet and 17th in the league in the percentage of their field goal attempts which come from 16-23 feet.

The Hawks average two-and-a-half more field goal attempts per game than the average NBA team. Essentially, all of those extra attempts come inside of 10 feet but not so close as to be categorized as "at the rim."

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