Wednesday, January 27, 2010 Alexie: Let me sing for Saint Thomas Aquinas...

A poem* from Sherman Alexie** regarding the All-Star Game includes this Hawks-relevant pair of stanzas:
Why do hoops fans believe what they see
When there’s no sense weaker than sight?
Why do hoops fans take such delight
In crossovers and dunks, those simple dreams,

But hardly ever reward those players
Like Joe Johnson or Shane Battier,
Who have complex and strange games---
Whose skills have layer upon layer?
*Easily the best poem I've ever read that concludes with a wry, wistful reference to Luke Ridnour.

**You may also enjoy this short story from Mr. Alexie. I did.

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dmorton said...

Short story is in the eye of the beholder, took me forever to read it. But you're right, the New Yorker story was excellent.