Friday, January 15, 2010

The Nash Rule

Ken Sugiura reporting in today's AJC:
Two or three years ago, coach Mike Woodson developed what the team calls "the Nash rule" to dictate how it would defend the two-time MVP on the pick-and-roll.

"He dissected people off the pick-and-roll," Woodson said Thursday. "Nobody knew how to play him, and people still don't know how to play him. We struggle to play him because he's so good at it."
Two or three years ago, huh? My best guess is that the other name for the "Nash rule" is "drafting Al Horford" as Al switching onto opposing point guards on ball-screens is often the Hawks' best bet for keeping said point guards out of the paint which is probably why Boston ran so many 3/1 screens to get Rondo loose on Monday night.

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