Friday, January 01, 2010

Hawks File Protest

Ken Sugiura of the AJC, quoting Michael Gearon, Jr. speaking last night:
"It's been filed. It becomes official [when it arrives in New York] tomorrow."
At least publicly, Mike Woodson is assigning blame for the loss outward:
"Everybody's fighting and scratching and trying to win a game and it shouldn't come down to a [scorer's] table violation or three officials not being in position to get the calls right. It shouldn't come down like that, but it happened and the league, it's got to be in their hands now, I think, to do the right thing."
When he's not being cryptic:
"Between the officials and the scorer's table, there was a problem. I'm not going to comment on what Kenny [Mauer] said, because that's something that's got to be relayed back to the league."
I've no problem with Woodson's anger. Some venting is probably healthy and it doesn't appear that anyone's asking him questions about the tactics utilized in any of the other empty offensive possessions at the end of the game.

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