Saturday, January 02, 2010

Quotes, Notes, and Links: Knicks 112 Hawks 108 (OT)


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Mike Woodson:
"We should have posted the ball a little bit more, because I thought [forward Josh Smith] and Al somewhat had their way, but [the Knicks] stayed with the zone and sometimes those jump shots look very appetizing, and we didn't make them."
I'll admit it: my inexperience with regard to participating in the coach's post-game Q&A, combined with the fact that I've never heard someone ask a pointed or especially detailed question at said Q&A kept me from asking my planned question about Horford or Smith getting the ball in the post on the first four possessions of overtime then never again since the above sort of vaguely addressed the issue.

Speaking from experience, Jamal Crawford:
"You don't want three losses [in a row] to turn into 10 losses."
The Human Highlight Blog:
It's as if that fourth quarter offensive cabal pats Al on the head and says, "Thank you for participating in the game up to this point, but now it's time for the grownups to play."

"Hey, if you get the offensive rebound, make sure you toss it back to the big boys because they know better than you how to score in the fourth quarter. Oh, and come up here and get me a pick, alright?"
Not that that pick would any way extend itself into an -and-roll situation.

HawkStr8Talk: can't be understated any longer that our implicit trust in Joe Johnson (or Jamal Crawford) down the stretch is just UNFOUNDED. There isn't enough evidence that that's our best play. We aren't building big leads that way, so why are we trying to close games out that way.
The Vent:
Since I didn't watch the game, I assume Nate was dropping the majority of his points over double teams and he was just amazing and NOTHING would have saved the Hawks. I assume this because I know there's just no way in hell a coach who is coaching for a contract extension would let a man who's barely 5ft 7in tall destroy his team without trying to get the ball out of his hand or without throwing multiple defenders at him. I assume this because it's the only thing that makes sense.
Kevin McElroy, for Knickerblogger:
If you haven’t seen the fourth quarter and overtime, I suggest trying to find video footage. For me to try to put prose to a walkthrough would be both unfulfilling and redundant; I would surely wear out my copy and paste buttons while continuously highlighting the words “And then Nate beat his man off the dribble for an uncontested layup.” But it’s worth mentioning that he finished with 41 points (on 18/24 shooting), 8 assists, and 6 rebounds, that he eschewed any opportunity to show up the coach who had sidelined him in postgame interviews, that he had the look of a player who has gone through a difficult experience and come out the stronger for it.
Bob Rathbun:
Tweets, you'll have to talk me off the ledge after last nights Hawks debacle. 9 fast break points vs the Knicks?? Nate??

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Jason Walker said...

Not that that pick would any way extend itself into an -and-roll situation.

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