Monday, June 14, 2010

Early, Positive Reactions to the Larry Drew Hiring

Michael Cunningham of the AJC spoke with Hawks players to gauge their reaction to the hiring:
...all of them said they expect LD’s approach to be different than Woody’s. Drew often ran the second-team offense in practice and was said to deploy creative sets, with one player describing them as a “fun” departures from the isolations. Another player said when things went badly for the Hawks, LD tended to be more of an “encourager” than a “screamer” and focused his energy on laying out a detailed plan for how the Hawks can get better.
Sekou Smith of also approves of hiring Larry Drew:
Drew is an excellent choice for a Hawks team that needed a new coach and not just a name or a personality to handle a group that piled up the fifth-best season in franchise history. Drew”s not a self-promoter or a guy that’s ever hunted the headlines as an assistant coach. But he’s honed his craft over the years, working all over the league and with some of the best people in the business. Sure, he has plenty to prove as a head coach, but what first time boss doesn’t? Drew has the added advantage of having guys like Al Horford, Josh Smith (below) and Jamal Crawford in his corner.
In the latest Free Agency Dime at, Marc Stein argues that Drew wasn't hired to convince Joe Johnson to stay:
If keeping Joe Johnson was the Hawks' lone aim, there's a case to be made that they just should have kept Mike Woodson.

You don't have to live in Atlanta to know the depths of Woodson's devotion to Johnson. You have undoubtedly heard that Woody's predictable play-calling was routinely referred to as the Iso-Joe offense. You can't be surprised by the suggestion that Johnson would want to keep playing for Woody, who catered to his No. 1 option as few coaches do.

But hanging on to Johnson is not Atlanta's sole goal. The Hawks know they'll have trouble spots to address even if Johnson stays this summer, judging by their embarrassing surrender in the second round against Orlando, when they absorbed a four-game sweep by a combined 101 points.

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jrauch said...

Here's hoping Drew's work with the second team means we'll see more consistent minutes for Teague, though he should easily beat out the corpse of Mike Bibby for the starting spot.

Now all that's left is a sign-and-trade of Joe. This team made too many mistakes with Bibby and Williams' recent resignings to dole out a max contract to playoff magician specializing in disappearing acts.