Monday, June 28, 2010

Compiling A Dossier On Pape Sy

Ball in Europe has a Pape Sy highlight reel and also reveals that he played the tenth-most minutes on France's ninth-place team in the U20 European Championships. has more video and also claims Sy was turned down in his attempt to take part in the Adidas Eurocamp. Approximately 50 players participated.

If Pape Sy can play NBA basketball this will go down as one of the great scouting triumphs of all time.


jrauch said...

I'm convinced Sund drafted him through a combination of liking his name, and being unable to dump the pick for cash, so he knowingly chose someone with no chance of playing in the NBA.

Bronnt said...

Considering that Pape Sy paid his own way over to get himself worked out (twice), I think this was supposed to be a magic trick. Rick Sund wants everyone to think "Hey, look at that, the Hawks are thinking outside of the box!" when really, it's just an excuse not to spend any money. I suspect that Sy actually contacted THEM, and they wouldn't even have looked at him otherwise.