Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Draft-Day Trades Involving the 24th Pick

Again, these are draft-day trades* only, dating back to 1988, the first year the 24th pick was a first round pick.

*That the Mavericks traded Rolando Blackmon to the Knicks and three years later got the chance to pick Loren Meyer 24th holds little relevance to what the Hawks can get for the pick in the short term, which, looking at historical precedence, isn't much.

: 24th pick traded for 27th pick and Micheal Williams (2nd round pick in 1988, played 358 minutes as rookie, played 26 minutes for Phoenix before being waived)

: 24th pick (plus Carl Herrera) traded for Antonio Daniels (Grizzlies drafted Bibby 2nd and cut bait on 1997's 4th overall pick)

2007: 24th pick (plus James Jones) traded for cash (One of the late first-round picks Phoenix sold to avoid adding a guaranteed contract.)

2009: 24th pick traded for 25th pick and 2010 second-round pick (Sam Presti's a good GM but giving up a second-round pick to get Byron Mullens (especially considering Dallas took Rodrigue Beaubois with the 25th pick) is unlikely to be remembered as one of his finer moments.)

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