Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The TrueHoop Network Mock Draft Marches On

Two-thirds of the first round is complete. The 21st pick will be up at 8am EDT at DailyThunder.com. Come back here at halftime of USA-Algeria (11am EDT) for the reveal of the mock Hawks' pick.

1. Washington Wizards -- John Wall (Kyle Weidie, Truth About It)
2. Philadelphia 76ers -- Evan Turner (Carey Smith, Philadunkia)
3. New Jersey Nets -- Derrick Favors (Sebastian Pruiti, Nets Are Scorching)
4. Minnesota Timberwolves -- Wesley Johnson (Zach Harper, A Wolf Among Wolves)
5. Sacramento Kings -- DeMarcus Cousins (Zach Harper, Cowbell Kingdom)
6. Golden State Warriors -- Greg Monroe (Rasheed Malek, WarriorsWorld.net)
7. Detroit Pistons -- Ekpe Udoh (Dan Feldman, PistonPowered)
8. Los Angeles Clippers -- Al-Farouq Aminu (D.J. Foster, ClipperBlog)
9. Utah Jazz -- Xavier Henry (Spencer Hall, Salt City Hoops)
10. Indiana Pacers -- Paul George (Tim Donahue, Eight Points, Nine Seconds)
11. New Orleans Hornets -- Cole Aldrich (Joe Gerrity, Hornets247)
12. Memphis Grizzlies -- Ed Davis (Chip Crain, 3 Shades of Blue)
13. Toronto Raptors -- Avery Bradley (Zarar Siddiqi, Raptors Republic)
14. Houston Rockets -- Patrick Patterson (Matt Moore, Hardwood Paroxysm)
15. Milwaukee Bucks -- Gordon Hayward (Jeremy Schmidt, Bucksketball.com)
16. Minnesota Timberwolves -- Hassan Whiteside (Zach Harper, A Wolf Among Wolves)
17. Chicago Bulls -- Luke Babbitt (Matt Moore, Hardwood Paroxysm)
18. Miami Heat -- Eric Bledsoe (Surya Fernandez, Hot Hot Hoops)
19. Boston Celtics -- James Anderson (Matt Moore, Hardwood Paroxysm)
20. San Antonio Spurs -- Damion James (Tim Varner, 48 Minutes of Hell)
21. Oklahoma City Thunder -- TBA (Royce Young, DailyThunder.com)
22. Portland TrailBlazers -- TBA (Ezra Ace Caraeff, The Portland Roundball Society)
23. Minnesota Timberwolves -- TBA
(Zach Harper, A Wolf Among Wolves)
24. Atlanta Hawks -- TBA (Bret LaGree, Hoopinion)
25. Memphis Grizzlies -- TBA (
Chip Crain, 3 Shades of Blue)
Oklahoma City Thunder -- TBA (Royce Young, DailyThunder.com)
27. New Jersey Nets -- TBA (
Sebastian Pruiti, Nets Are Scorching)
Memphis Grizzlies -- TBA (Chip Crain, 3 Shades of Blue)
29. Orlando Magic --TBA (Eddy Rivera, Magic Basketball)
30. Washington Wizards -- TBA
(Kyle Weidie, Truth About It)


Natural Neutral said...

Dude pick Jordan Crawford over Elliott Williams. Can you imagine how good we'd be with 2 streaky shooting Crawford players?

Bret LaGree said...

Plus it would maintain the tradition of having at least two players share a given name or surname.

Bronnt said...

I'm looking at that Damion James selection by the Spurs, and not only does it strike me as extremely likely, it also seems to be typical Spurs. Like George Hill and DeJuan Blair, James might be a player passed over inexplicably who turns out to be very useful.