Monday, June 14, 2010

Larry Drew Interview With Lang Whitaker

From SLAM Online:

SLAM: Having been there the last six years and seeing this team develop, do you see the same things that could use improving upon that a lot of the fans and media sees and has talked about the last few weeks?

LD: Well, I think your normal basketball fan can look at our team and pretty much analyze it. If you listen to commentators and radio shows and whatever, everyone’s saying the same things need improving upon. Certainly I recognize and our team recognizes it. I think these guys are itching to get over that hump. We’ve shown and proven we can make the Playoffs, it’s a matter of elevating our games to make it to that next level.

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The Casey said...

I think Coach Woodson knew that the Hawks needed to 'elevate' their game. The question is, how do/can you make that happen? I certainly hope that Coach Drew does, but I can't really say I'm optimistic about it.