Tuesday, March 17, 2009

TrueHoop NCAA Tournament Backet Group

Henry Abbott's set up a group at the big web site. Go here if you wish to join. I have.

For those of you who wish to augment tonight's Hawks/Kings encounter by preparing for the 2011 NBA Draft, Morehead State's Kenneth Faried is worth watching in tonight's NCAA Tournament Play-In game.

DraftExpress ranks Faried the 23rd-best Sophomore in the land. Faried's an undersized (6-8, 215) center in a low-major conference but his defensive ability (4.1 blocks and 3.9 steals per 100 possessions this season) and rebounding (16.8/32.9 OR%/DR%*) suggest he has a decent chance to make a successful transition to the NBA as, at the least, a 3/4 hybrid off the bench.

*That's 6th- and 2nd-best in country (per kenpom.com), respectively, and down slightly from his freshman year rankings of 1st and 4th.

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